Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Nursing Student's Prayer

Dearest Father,
Our hearts are so full of gratitude today.
We are grateful to have made it to the completion of this program,
and for the careful guidance from our instructors along the way.
We are grateful for Mrs. K who answered every question,
patiently listened to every concern, and always offered encouragement.
She is an amazing cheerleader and first year instructor.
We are grateful for Mrs. Yarrish, she has been the perfect second year instructor.
She pushed us to go farther than we ever thought we could
and was always there with a smile to praise us for a job well done.

We are grateful for the countless lessons we have learned
about bodies, processes, and most importantly—relationships.
We are grateful for the friendships we have made,
and the unforgettable memories we have shared.

We pray that we can pay it forward to those who come behind us.
As we begin our journey into this field of nursing,
we pray that we can listen to everyone who needs to be heard,
notice everything that needs to be seen,
and speak clearly everything that needs to be communicated.

We pray that we can be compassionate with others,
even when they test our patience.
We pray for safety for ourselves and all we come in contact with--
especially those we have the privilege of caring for.
We pray for strength to continue on through
shifts to come that will be physically and emotionally draining.

We pray to have the ability to let go and forgive ourselves
when a patient outcome is not what we anticipated.
We pray to remember we have a voice,
when we see that something needs to be said.
We pray for perseverance when we are faced with great challenges at work,
and for careful hands when performing intricate tasks that have life-saving potential.

We pray to listen with openness of mind and thoughtful consideration
when others offer advice for our improvement.
Most importantly, we pray to never forget the reason why we chose this profession;
to have gratitude and show respect for life,
to be observant of our surroundings,
and always offer help when we see a need,
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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