Friday, October 29, 2010

First Walk

The boys and I took Eliza for her first walk outside today. (our first walk since before I went to the hospital). I did not think to take a picture until we were back home and unloaded. Tucker and Eliza both fell asleep. I only snapped a picture of Eliza. . .
I love the fact that she fell asleep with Binky in grasp. Our walk was fun, I can't wait to go for another one! It's funny what simple things we can take for granted until the privilege is taken away (only for a small time, thankfully, in my case). I am even getting better at one handed typing. I think I will wait to type the whole story until my pins are removed (hopefully in three weeks or so).

Happy Halloween! Hopefully I remember to snap a picture of my kidlins costumes. Then I'll post them. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Before September 25, 2010, this is what my left hand looked like:
Wasn't it beautiful?!
After a split second with a table saw, a long ambulance ride, a life flight ride, several hours (21-22 hours) of surgery (including an emergency C-section), the safe arrival of our precious little girl, and a week in the hospital, I have this left:
It doesn't look that great right now, but it will. I am so lucky to still have my fingers. The first surgeon I saw in Southern Utah thought he could maybe save my ring finger, but my pointer and middle fingers were not salvageable (if he did the surgery). I ended up going to Salt Lake and Dr. Richard Fryer is my new hero! He worked all afternoon Saturday, all night to Sunday morning. I came out of surgery, he looked at my pointer finger, decided the color was not good, so he turned around and performed a few more hours of surgery to save my hand.
This whole experience has been really hard for me to endure, whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, I just look at this:
Eliza Kristine Nay
Born: September 26, 2010; 7:26 AM
7 lbs. 1 oz.
(yes, four weeks early)
Isn't she darling?! This is the first dress she has ever worn. She is almost three weeks old in this picture. She will be four weeks old tomorrow.