Saturday, June 30, 2012


Over the last year to year and a half I have started thinking that maybe I should get a Facebook account. I have put it off because computer activities are toward the bottom of my totem pole of priorities. Well, I am in charge of my twenty year reunion, in nine more years. Today I decided is the day to get an account. I believe Facebook will be a useful tool in my life, so I have finally "bitten the dust".

For those of you interested look for me on Facebook now. :)

Cleaning our "Farm"

 In my previous post I mentioned that my husband and I made a recent purchase of some land. We bought about ten acres of land south of the town we live in. While we were in the process of the purchase, my husband showed me the land twice. . . at dusk. He also mentioned there were a few animal carcases on the property. So, the day we closed I finally saw it in day light. A few was an UNDERSTATEMENT. There were probably thirty to forty animal carcasses in one area. Mostly sheep, there were also a few calves and I even found remains of a couple of coyotes and I think someones pet dog.

After the purchase it took us a few days to come up with the best plan for the dead animals. We decided to spread them out and till them in. The day came, Ryan spread them out with a tractor and then took the kids for a tractor ride on the other side of the "farm". While they were gone I cleaned up all the garbage so we could disc the ground. Among all the garbage there was a lot of bailing twine. Some of it was buried, so I had to pull a little harder. This is what came with the twine (enough times that I finally thought, "this is gross, I should take a picture to remember this grossness!")

 Most everything was decayed enough that the smell was not too bad. There were a couple of times I saw a plastic ear tag on a calf, so I went to pick it up to throw it away and the dried up ear came with the tag.

All in all, ti was a disgusting, but successful day of work. Ryan and my dad went out a couple days after that and disced/plowed everything in. It is a nice dirt patch now. :)

We tell our kids that Grandpa Bramall has a big farm, and we have a really little one now.

Our next adventure will be putting up a fence once we have enough money saved to buy the materials. I'll keep you posted.