Saturday, June 12, 2010

Messy Children

Right now I am trying to get everything ready for girls camp, which is next week. Instead of finishing projects for girls camp over the last few days, I have been cleaning up messes. Brycen pulled an almost new bottle of ketchup out of the fridge and squirted it all over the kitchen floor, kitchen table, and his little brother. Then, he got out a butter knife and spread it around a little more. I gave Tucker a bath while Ryan coached Brycen through the clean up. The ketchup was on Friday.

Thursday, Brycen and Tucker dumped out about half a box of crackers all over the kitchen floor and smashed them into tiny little crumbs, then spread them throughout the entire kitchen area. Once the crackers were completely spread out, they found half a bag of trail mix and dumped it under the kitchen table. I found them huddled around the pile gleefully consuming all the M&Ms.
Oh, and earlier I thought Brycen was going to the bathroom. Nope. He took the Windex and some Lysol Disinfectant spray and emptied both bottles all over the bathroom floor. Needless to say, our bathroom smelled suffocatingly clean all day on Thursday.

Today my boys found some fresh green beans in a bowl in the fridge. They broke them into bits and threw them all over the kitchen floor. Then, I took the boys with me downstairs to put some things away. I got them busy playing with some toys and left the room for a couple of minutes. Brycen opened the door to our office and found Ryan's multicolored permanent markers (yes, his partner in crime was right along side him). They drew all over their legs, hands, Tucker's face, Then floor, and a few boxes.

Did I mention, earlier this week Brycen took a black permanent marker to some of our new living room furniture, our computer desk, and some of his toys.

My children made lots of messes this week, but I have found myself grateful that all of their messes have been on some sort of hard floor. :)

This has been a very long week, and amid all of these things, I found myself entirely with out a camera on every occasion. Part of me is sad I have no pictures, but I am not sure what my kids would think if I scolded them, then took a picture of what they did. . . would they want to do it again? Who knows.

May everyone have a better week next week than the last week I just had! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photographer, Sister, Friend

I have a sister who loves to take pictures and I am so grateful for her! There have been times when my boys are being so cute and I seldom have my camera with me at the time. . . but my sister has hers (thankfully)!
A couple years ago I decided that Heavenly Father sends us BEAUTIFUL children so they live to become adults. When I walk into a room with crackers and bread broken and smashed into the ground, and there is a freshly dumped pile of trail mix under the kitchen table with two little boys secretly consuming it. . . I start to feel frustrated. I only left the room for five minutes. How could this happen so fast?!? Then I see the look on my little boys face and my frustration melts away. I am thankful I am related to someone who can capture these angelic little faces while my boys are young. I hope I keep these picture close by when they are teenagers.
They LOVE playing on the gate whenever we go to work at the community garden.