Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Never Give Up!

Well, I am ashamed I have gone a whole year without posting a single thing.
I will admit: I am better at typing than I was a year ago.
I am in my second semester of nursing school. Last semester I typed my very first 17 page paper. I have struggled with typing since I lost feeling and some movement in my left fingers, (fall 2010). It has been a long struggle. I think I am finally figuring out how to maneuver my fingers on a key board and bumping minimal extra keys! Yay!!!

Last semester, my first semester of nursing school, the focus was on the Fundamentals of Nursing and the Nursing Process. I practiced assessing people a lot. This semester I started my clinical rotations at the hospital. I thought I was pretty fast at assessing a patient. I shadowed a nurse last Saturday and realized I am as slow as cold tar in the middle of winter in Wisconsin. I need more practice! I also realized how nice it would be to have feeling in both of my hands... that is worth a prayer and some faith. :) I know miracles can happen! It truly is a miracle that I am still alive.

My point to this post is a reminder to never give up! I gave up typing for a while, but when I rallied and worked at it a lot, the skill is finally getting easier and coming back to me! After 15 years of dreaming of becoming a nurse, I am finally in a program! I almost gave up. I am so grateful I am married to a wonderful man who sometimes picks me up, puts me back on my feet, and encourages me to keep going. Life is a learning process. It is important to never give up!