Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weeding the garden

This is what my garden is looking like right now. I have about fifteen tomato plants, six pepper plants, and some carrots in the back. I took this picture about two weeks ago after I spent about 15-20 minutes weeding. My garden always looks so nice after it has been weeded. :)
My kids on the other hand, DON'T. This is what my one year old looked like after 15-20 minutes of me weeding the garden. Here is the front view.
This is the back view.
I am sure his big brother had fun playing with him. I just realized you cannot see his eyes in either picture. They had some mud in them too. We played with the hose before he came in. He screamed a little. I am so grateful that my neighbors don't call the abuse hot line or something when they hear my children screaming in the backyard.
Overall, weeding the garden is a great weekly adventure at our house. I enjoy weeding, and the kids enjoy. . . playing.

I do have one question, does this happen to anyone else?!? Or are my boys the only ones who fall/play in any small amount of mud that they can find anywhere? I have decided if there is a puddle anywhere in the vicinity, my boys will find it, fall in it, then play in it, and become covered.

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  1. You can ask if other boys do that? You? The woman who gave your nephew a BUCKET OF DIRT/SAND FOR HIS BIRTHDAY???