Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Camp

Where did June go? Between Youth Conference, Girls Camp, birthdays, and beginning the summer--June flew by for me! This year I was the Assistant Camp Director for girls camp. It was so much FUN! The picture below is from the pre-camp we had in May. We worked on making our T-shirts for girls camp, then we ate, sang some songs, and hung out around a campfire. (I love having a fire pit in my backyard!)
I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog. I will try and start catching up on the events in my life. I have no idea where my actual "girls camp" pictures went. They disappeared from my (husband's) camera. :) Sorry, that is the only picture I have to share.

Oh! I found a Youth Conference picture! The leaders took the youth on a mini-trek (through the honeymoon trail). I went to help a little, but mainly to be another female leader for them. I only got to stay with them from Thursday to Friday. Friday we hiked about 6 miles in the beating sun pulling handcarts. The youth pulled the handcarts the whole time. I helped for a little while, but I didn't last very long (I am so weak when I am pregnant!). Anyway, here is a picture. I am the one with a straw hat and a wet triangular bandage under my hat on.
The young men helped build the handcarts too. Neat, huh?!


  1. You look so happy, Sara! Very content. Of course you are IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD! :)

  2. don't you love working with the youth?! They are so great