Sunday, July 25, 2010

Morning conversations

My three year old got up this morning, went to the bathroom, then came in the kitchen for breakfast. This was our conversation:

Mom: "I am so proud of you for remembering to flush the toilet after you went potty! Did you wash your hands? (I knew he didn't there was no sink action after the flushing)."

Son: "Mom, I am so tired of washing my hands!!"

Mom: "Sweetheart, you just woke up. You have not washed your hands at all today."

Son: "Dang it! (as he turns and heads back to the bathroom.)

When he was done playing with the soap in the sink he came running back into the kitchen;

"Mom, wanna smell my hands?!? (I smell them). They smell good, huh?"

I love the way he was trying to get out of washing his hands, then the way he expressed himself after I caught him and sent him back. I have smiled every time I have heard the interjection "Dang it!" today.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I can't get enough of these little ones. It sounds like you guys have been run ragged lately, but that you have a little getaway in store. Take good care of yourselves :)

  2. haha that is so cute! I can't wait until my little one can start talking. :)

  3. Hey I need your email so I can send you an invite to our new party blog.