Thursday, January 28, 2010

Community Garden

A few citizens of my home town are trying to start a community garden...and I get to help. I have put together a basic blog and an email address. I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about gardening. I don't know if many people really read my blog, other than a few fabulous family members....

Any who, if anyone is interested in helping with the community garden (and you live in Hurricane), check out this site.

You can find out when our first official meeting to start planting/working is. :)


  1. I wonder why you are having a "community garden?"

    The reason I ask is because most such community efforts are in places where city (mostly apartment) dwellers may not otherwise have the opportunity to grow their own things. It's an effort to get back in touch with the earth.

    But most of Hurricane has access to land, and you, dear Tigs, have a huge backyard for gardening. Not to mention my own favorite of your fruit trees...

    So what gives?

  2. The area I live in is full of either clay or sand. It is difficult for most people to have success with their gardening efforts, in this area. There are, however, some older people in this valley that have been successfully growing all sorts of things for several years now.
    We are starting a community garden in an effort to help all the older wiser people teach the younger or less experienced gardeners in the valley.
    This is also an effort to help people who are struggling because of the economy. There are many people struggling to provide food for their families, but they also don't know the first thing about gardening. A community garden will provide a way for them to learn about gardening as well as helping provide food for their little ones.
    All-in-all, I think it will be a very good thing for this little valley--if people take advantage of it. . .

    The garden is going to be on a half acre plot of land behind the Catholic Thrift store. It around the block from the old Chums wear house.

  3. I read your blog. Cuz your cool!