Monday, January 11, 2010

First Birthdays

My baby turned one a couple of weeks ago. On his birthday his big brother climbed on a chair and got into all the Christmas candy that was on top of the fridge. Yep, there was a trail of chocolate goo from the front of the fridge through the kitchen and into the entry way. I was out of the room for maybe three minutes. I found my baby covered in chocolate with a lollipop in each hand and a big smile on his face. My oldest was hiding under the kitchen table happily and secretly consuming a candy stick. I tried to scold them, but it took so long for me to control my laughter that I gave up. I just put my oldest on a chair for a few minutes while I washed my baby's hands. It was great fun!
I am not sure the picture does it justice:

He seemed to enjoy his birthday cake too!

He didn't mind the clean up either. He LOVES splashing in water!

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  1. I am soooo excited you have a blog. the lil kiddies look adorable as usual:) i miss them but its only been a week ish so ill be ok ill see them possibly end of the month i will be coming down. i jus love those pics!