Monday, May 23, 2011

Instructions to a four year old/Lesson learned

I have several herbs planted throughout my yard.

Under my fig tree, I have some peppermint, spearmint, and some dill. (Three very hearty herbs that could take over an entire planter area.)

Okay, so today we were working under the fig tree and this is a small conversation Brycen and I had,

B: "Ooooooh! I found a worm! I'm gonna squish it!"

M: "Sweetheart, worms are really good for the soil. Maybe you you should put it on the dill plant instead."

B: "Oh. Okay mom, I will."

Two minutes pass, I look over to check on him, and he is still trying to balance the worm on a small limb of the dill plant. He was literally trying to put in ON the plant.

M: "Oh, Brycen, when I said to put it "On" the ploant, I meant to put in on the dirt under the plant. This way it can aerate the soil under the dill plant."

B: "Oh. Okay, I think that would be easier mom."

Lesson learned--I need to be more careful/specific with instructions I give to my little ones. Sometimes, they do EXACTLY what I tell them to.


  1. I foresee a battle of the herbs coming on. This is going to be epically awesome!

  2. It amazes me that you two have such green thumbs. All I can raise is an ant population, but that's usually INDOORS.