Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Bike Ride

I went for my first bike ride since my accident, a couple nights ago. It was so fun! I miss riding...but I think I will have to wait a bit longer before I go again. I did not realize how bumpy the streets are in my area, until I went for a bike ride with a fractured finger. (and it was a little chilly for the metal plate in my other finger).

I am having a dilemma whenever I am faced with being in the cold. I can either wear a splint to protect my middle finger from further injury and have an aching ring finger due to cold. Or wear a glove to keep my ring finger warm, but I can't fit a splint inside or on top of my splint to protect my finger. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should do/could try? If so, please share! :)


  1. That's what I was going to say. Wear the splint with a custom mitt that has a little pocket for a little hottie.

  2. Wear a glove with the fingers taped together? I wouldn't tape mittens together though. Or if you got the gloves that don't have fingers on the ends you could put the splint over that, maybe.