Monday, May 9, 2011

The giveaway on Craigslist

Background information:

I won a two night stay at The Virgin River in Mesquite last month on the radio. I was able to say "toy boat" five times fast on "Tongue Twister Tuesday" (when I called in, i had no idea what the prize was).
Well, it is only good Sunday through Thursday and my hubby can't take time off work to go with me. (We nearly cleaned out his vacation time after my accident last fall between the hospital and follow up visits.)

The story:
I decided today to try listing it for "free" on craigslist. I have never listed anything before, so after fiddling for a while. . . I decided my attempt did not work.
I continued plugging away at laundry (that is my main project to work on every Monday.) After a little time had passed, I went to the laundry room to switch over loads. I heard my cell phone ringing and thought "Oh, I'll just go see who called when I am finished in here." So I finish what I am doing, then head upstairs. When I got to my phone I found 6 missed calls and 5 voice mails. Here are the times they came in:
Each one was a different phone number! As I was listening to the voice mails I had another person call to inquire.

I had no idea that many people check Craigslist that often. After the seventh phone call in half an hour I ran down stairs and deleted the posting. I ended up giving it ti the first caller, and they are going to use it for an anniversary getaway next week. What a warm happy feeling that gave me to know I could help someone have a fun little get away for their anniversary.

Lesson to learn: If you want to give away a two day get away, be prepared for whatever may happen.

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