Thursday, May 6, 2010

Strawberry Starts

This is part of my strawberry patch. It is too long to take a picture, unless I tried to take a panoramic picture. One of my friends moved away in January and she left me some beautiful strawberry plants. I transplanted them mid-January, and they have been doing wonderfully! I have always felt that I have a black thumb, but this year I think it is developing a green tinge to it. Hooray!
These two pictures uploaded in the wrong order. Before my friend moved she told me about little "shoots" a strawberry will send out to start a new plant. My plants are starting to send out lots of these little shoots. When you find one, you are supposed to bury it in the ground (I think it should look about like the above picture).
The "shoots"/starts look like this. I will wait until this plant is a little larger before planting it. (Maybe another week or so). Can you see my strawberries growing in the background?! I am very excited to have lots of little light green berries. I think I will have a nice little crop in another month or so. I'll try and remember to show y'all how they look when they are ready.

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  1. Those plants look like you're headed for a TON of berries, Tiggs!

    By the way, next time you're over at Ro's house, ask her to show you how to go to the HTML section and move the pictures around.

    She showed me a few tricks that made my blogging a lot... LOT easier. :)