Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frogs and Cocoons

Ryan took the young men on a camp out a couple of weekends ago. He brought home four frogs for our boys to watch/play with. We had lots of fun watering them every day as well as catching bugs for them to eat. It was really fun watching them eat the bugs! We only kept them for a week, then last week my mother-in-law (a kindergarten teacher) took them for a week to show her class. They were working on a science unit. The frogs were lots of fun for all the kids, but they were safely returned to their natural habitat over the weekend.
My mother-in-law also had some worms for her kindergarten class, and she shared them with us too. After a while they all created a cocoon and sat for about 10 days. Then they hatched! My three year old LOVED it! He was fascinated with the idea of a butterfly coming out such a small thing. They were beautiful monarch butterflies--sorry I didn't think to take a picture until after we released them. Anyway, we've been having fun with bugs and amphibians for the last few weeks!


  1. Why didn't you keep those froggies? I think they mighta had a better life with you and Ryan and the boys than out in the wilds? Ever seen what a Pathfinder does to a FROG??

    haha! When I'm reincarnated, Sara, can I come back as one of your boys?