Monday, May 10, 2010

Figs, herbs, and tomatoes

I am just thrilled that it is May, and I still have things growing in my yard! My figs are coming along great. I think they will be ready in another three to four weeks.
This is Oregano. I am trying my hand at growing some of my own herbs. I am growing some Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, and Oregano. So far they are all growing well. I am a little concerned that my basil will be eaten by bugs before I get any of it. I think I may start trying to put a little organic pesticide on it. We'll see if that helps.
Lastly, my tomatoes are still alive! I even have some little fruits growing. I have five Roma tomato plants as well as about fifteen other plants (three or four different varieties). I am hoping they all survive this summer. . . then I can try my hand at bottling tomatoes (my dream!).

If anyone has any sort of advice with gardening, please, do share!


  1. Figs? You have figs? You are going to send FIGS? I'm so excited about your figs! :) Start collecting the egg cartons now. I believe the cardboard ones might keep the figs fresher because they can breathe.

    I need to move back there so that I can enjoy your figs up close and personal.

  2. They are not ready yet. They still need at least a few more weeks. Maybe I will post when they are ready.

  3. Wow you are a busy girl! I think you have inspired me to put herbs in my new eyelet out front. Yeah, I am gonna do it!
    Lets hope my red thumb turns a little more green like yours...
    I hope your feeling good!