Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trailer Camping

Last Friday night my husband and I took our kids to Sand Hollow Reservoir for a camp out. It was so much fun! I love having a trailer, it makes camping with kids very luxurious! On Friday morning I told Brycen, my three-year-old, that we were going camping--he asked me about it ALL DAY. He was so excited.

My pictures uploaded backward, above is the inside of our little toy hauler trailer. I recovered the seats and window boxes. They make me smile every time we use our trailer. :)

We borrowed my dad's Rhino so we could ride around as a family a little more comfortably. (Our quad is getting a little tight for the four of us, but we still love it and use it.)
Jen, Alex, Grace, and Henry came out to join us for a while on Saturday. We had a picnic and rode around together for a while. Grace is the only one I managed to get a picture of, along with my two boys, and I am the one driving.
These are my two little bundles of joy ready for an early morning ride on the sand. Aren't they cute! They both actually slept better than they ever have before--on a camp out. That must be why they have such big smiles on their faces, or it is the fact that they get to go for a quad ride. Who knows?
Overall, we had a blast. Sand Hollow is still cold and windy this time of year, but it was fun. We were very grateful to be in a trailer. I think a tent would have blown away, or shredded in the wind (or at least kept me up all night whipping in the wind).


  1. Wow, you do good work, Sara! The redecorating job looks really good.

    (And I would never have been able to imagine that without those pictures. Thank you!)

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love outings like that!

  3. awe! i love it! cutiepatootie boys.