Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

I just thought this little story was funny, and I want to remember it. I went to the gym to workout today. While there, I worked up a really good sweat--so much so that I could smell myself. It was bad. When done with the spin class I loaded my kids in the car and my three year old wanted to stop at the library for story time. I told him "no, because mom is too stinky". He kind of paused then started to explain to me that he was not stinky. He has clean underwear because he is a big boy.
It took me a minute to realize that by telling him I was "stinky" he thought I was telling him I had a mess in my pants, because that is what has happened when he or his little brother are "stinky". Don't worry, I explained to him I was only stinky from some sweat coming out of my body. Anyway, I just love my kids, they bring a continuous smile to my face.

Did you know if you start a post and don't finish it until later, it will save the date of when you started it? I started this post almost two weeks ago!


  1. Cute picture of your oldest, Tiggs! :)

  2. Bahahahahahahahaha. I'm glad you didn't mess your pants!

  3. that is hilarious. I'm also glad you didn't have an accident!

    Did you know you could change the date and time of your post. You can set them up in advance to post on a certain day (very helpful in certain church callings) or if you post a story late and want to preserve the actual day you can set the date for previous.

    Your little family is so cute. Congratulations on number 3. I'm glad your starting to feel better.