Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Trailor

We recently purchased a little toy hauler/camping trailor. My husband had been looking for a little toy hauler(a camp trailer that opens in back to load in four-wheelers or other toys you drive) for quite a long time. He finally found the little 18 foot trailer that we bought. He traveled to Northern Utah without me to look at it, and if he liked it, he had my permission to buy it. Yep, he fell in love and brought it home. The only problem was . . . one of the seats had a big hole in it. When my husband saw it he just thought "Oh, my wife can fix that!" Well, I must confess I felt a little overwhelmed when I looked at the inside of the trailer the first night he brought it home. It was a filthy mess and very well worn out. (That must be why we got such a great deal.) The above picture is one of the window boxes. I would have posted a picture of the seats, but I had them covered before I thought to take a before and after picture. Anyway, this is the fabric we were dealing with. . . stuff that is fairly easily worn out, due to it's large threaded construction. . . .
This is what the window boxes looked like when I was done with them. Upholstery fabric can get pricey really fast. I found the striped fabric on clearance for about 3$ a yard! The best part is the tuqouise stripes match the little bits of color on the walls in our trailer. That is why I chose this to begin with. :)
The seats consist of two large benches that fold up where you put a four-wheeler. They have a wide bench to sit on, and a narrow part for your back to rest on. I sewed striped covers for the wide sitting part, and the upper back rests, I used the coordinating paisley print.
We took our little trailer on its "maiden voyage" over the weekend, and I LOVE how the seats and window boxes turned out. It was a little bit of a headache to coordinate everything on a tight budget, but it all worked out. We are very delighted with our latest financial investment, and our boys LOVE it too!


  1. Since I actually can't imagine a trailer that accomodates peeps AND toys, could I please see a picture?

    I was impressed how "staying on budget" with the fabric still led to a great choice of fabrics for those window boxes. Pictures of them in place, please? (I have utterly no imagination on this stuff. I NEED PICTURES!)

    Also I notice a lot of blog redecorating going on here, lately. I think I should tell you, I like the picture you have up right now, very much. Please let it. Forever.

    And then some.

  2. The picture is from when Ryan and I were shooting our wedding announcement photos. Everytime I stumble across that picture now, it brings a smile to my face.

    I put it up so I can see it everytime I get on my blog . . . we'll see how long it stays. :)

    I'll try and remember to snap a few pic.s of everything in place. Then remember to add them here.