Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A year of JOY!

This post was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago, but life has been crazy, so here it is:
Eliza had her first birthday! I can't believe she is already one. I have to keep reminding myself that she is a whole year old. I have been so grateful for everyday we have been blessed to share together on this earth! I don't know what I would have done this last year without her. I think the good Lord knew I needed an angel to help me through everything I have been through this year, and this little lady has just smiled and slobbered (baby kissed) me every time I needed it.
Her first birthday dinner was spent at the new local splash pad with all of her cousins. We made homemade pizza on our little propane grill, and it was so fun! Eliza loved crawling around the kids picnic sheet and snatching other people's pizza, and we let her because she was the birthday girl.
For her cake I decided to make peanut butter bars, because they were a very mobile treat for all the kids to run around with. Due to the amount of peanut butter bars the children consumed, I am sure they were a hit. (I'll have to remember that for future park parties.) Well, there are a couple snapshots to remember the day. . . .
I am so lucky to have this little angel in my home. :) I love my boys a whole bunch, but she is such a little sweetheart, and I love getting to do her hair everyday. Girls are so fun when they are little. I'll have to keep you posted as to how much "fun" my girl is as she grows up.


  1. She looks so cute with pig tails!!!

  2. Sara, could I please have the peanut butter bar recipe?

  3. Eliza is a cutie! Already one year old? Where does time go? MIss you guys.