Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ooops! Here is the whole family

Sorry! I guess I was really tired last night. I am not sure if I deleted it, or just didn't mark it. I am not sure how I missed the main family picture--the point of the whole post, but here it is:There we are, all together, happy as clams. It was hard to encourage my kids to smile and look forward while remembering to do so myself. I am continually amazed at how quickly my kids grow (as well as how quickly I can grow, but I shrink so slowly--it's just not fair!)


  1. I love this picture! No need to be so hard on yourself. You're beautiful. So is your whole brood.

  2. Yay! The whole fam! I love the picture! It is totally hard to remember to smile when you are in a picture with children. Usually we spend so much time they are smiling that we don't think about ourselves! This one turned out so cute! Nothing to worry about!

  3. So cute! I cannot believe how grown up your boys are getting. Your oldest was just little when we were in the 9th together!