Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Photos

I am not sure if many people know this about me, but I do not love having my picture taken. I never have enjoyed the feeling of posing while someone is capturing what I look like--FOREVER! (Maybe I'm just a weirdo...).

With that being said, my dad wanted some family pictures for Christmas. So he bought himself a family photo shoot for each of his kids at the local photography shop. How am I supposed to not follow through with that?!?

I absolutely loved the pictures of my children. Nissa captured them very well, with much effort and coaxing on her part.--Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Our angelic little angel. She is such a sweet little girl!
He is fairly mellow, a little bashful at times, but he is also pretty fearless.
He would follow his big brother anywhere!
His hair is super short due to a haircut his big brother gave him...
possibly a month prior to this picture, yeah, it was short!

A little bit of a spaz, he is rarely shy and loves to explore and get into everything--especially when he has a little sidekick to blame for any mess. He has a shirt that says, "My Parents are Exhausted!", and it is true most days. Would you have a hard time punishing a boy this excited about an adventure he has embarked upon? Every once in a while I struggle to keep a straight face during disciplinary action.
My boys absolutely adore their little sister.
This was not a posed picture, for my boys. We were just trying to get a picture of Eliza and the boys jumped in to watch more closely. This is one of my favorite pictures!
Anyway, there are my gorgeous children. I sure love them!


  1. And what about the family picture? Your kids are adorable, by the way.

  2. What cute kids! Your boys definitely look like they could write the book on mischievous adventures! And Eliza looks like an angel! What a doll!

  3. Your kids ARE cute! and Brycen sounds like he lives at my house.. or read the same "Exhaust your parents" manual my kids did!! Guess they just need more spunk than most kids!

  4. Yeah, what about the full family picture. Huh? Huh?

  5. Darling family pictures Sara! Those kids are darling! And you look Great!!! And P.S. My kids have the "My Parents Are Exhausted" shirt too! So fitting!