Monday, February 14, 2011

Uhm, I love having a little girl

Whenever I am frustrated with my little boys and all the messes they make, I just talk to this little munchkin.
Isn't she cute! Ryan and I sure love her. (We love our boys too, they just make bigger messes and break things more often.--I am sure Eliza's time will come.) We went out for Valentine's day last week so we can spend tonight with all of our little heart throbs.

They are our greatest joys on this earth.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

May you all have a wonderful day celebrating someone you love!


  1. She is super cute, and I miss her witto cheeks for squudging. I am tired of being sick. I want to eat that girl's face!!!

  2. Happy valentine's Day! There is nothing like having a girl around to keep the softer side of life alive! WE had our girl first... we are now realizing we were spoiled by her! Boys are rough! That's a good thing, but still.. a totally different breed!

  3. Wow, she is SO CUTE, Sara! And... um, remember when you suggested to Jen that you get Henry some boy toys?


  4. She got a little princess toy/bike (to help her start learning to walk when she is old enough) and it came with some blocks. We will open it in another month or so, as soon as she is old enough to really enjoy it. Right now, her big brothers are ready to open it for her, play with it, break it, and lose pieces before she has even learned to pick up a piece.

    Soon, my dear, she'll have some girly toys out soon.