Monday, September 20, 2010

Home made Ginger Snap Predicament

I made some home made ginger snap cookies last week. They were so Yummy! I can't remember where I read the recipe. It was on some sort of bottle in my pantry. . .oil, molasses, or something like that.
They were really good, and now I can't seem to find the recipe again. I finished using the contents of several bottles in my pantry last week, then I threw them away. If anyone has a wonderful Ginger snap recipe, please share!

Also, does anyone else lose their mind/memory during pregnancy?!? I can search all over for a pen that I put in my hair a minute before I started looking for it. It is driving me crazy. I am just glad I have still been able to bottle peaches and bake food for my family, as well as continue to function somewhat normally.


  1. I think Linda Pearson has a good gingersnap recipe. I too forget all kinds of things when I'm pregnant. That's why I can't be for a while... our whole world would fall apart if I was any more out of control right now. I would love that chile relleno recipe you were telling me about.

  2. Yes, my brain takes a 9 to 18 month vacation. Also, my ability to eat food without spilling all over myself. Post the recipe if you get a good one so we can all enjoy.

  3. I have a recipe for a Ginger Creams that are lightly frosted, and then you crush red and white peppermints and sprinkle the top with those.

    Does that sound interesting?

    To be honest, I only make two kinds of cookies: salty oatmeal with raisin ... and salty chocolate chip cookies.

    Something about that salt-shaker!

  4. They just posted a molasses cookie recipe on and if you click on the link for the recipe exchange at the bottom of the post there is also a Recipe for ginger cookies. Don't know how they taste though, if you try them let me know :)

  5. Sara,

    I can't call you right now, because you're in the hospital. But I wanted you to know that I love you and I'm praying for you and I just know everything will work out all right for you.

    I'm sure you're scared, but I just know you'll be okay.


  6. I hear you are going through a pretty crazy adventure right now. We are praying for you and hope everything turns out okay!!

  7. My favorite one is on the back of the Grandmas Molasses is fantastic! My mom said your baby is darling! I am going to come by and see both of you soon! Chani