Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My goodness time flies. I need to try harder to find time to post more often, I have been really busy as of late. About a month ago I took my kids to a nursing home to plant some seed starts with some "grandmas and grandpas". I think everyone had fun. I only snapped a couple of pictures toward the end. I didn't get any of my kids, because I had already cleaned the mud off of them. These two darling ladies were most obliging to pose for me to take a picture.
She planted some Black-Eye Susan flowers.
And she planted some Columbine flowers. We also planted lots of bell peppers and tomato plants. The flowers are still really small starts, but my peppers and tomatoes are 4-6 inches now. I am hoping to have some beautiful flowers for the residents to come see on a van ride, as well as a little produce to share with them. We'll see if I have any luck this year. . . . It is almost time to plant the tomatoes and peppers.


  1. I bet they loved that. That is really thoughtful. That is so like the Sara I know!

  2. Will you ship me some figs when they come on? Please? I'll send you some postage $$, if you'll put 'em in egg cartons, wrap some tape around 'em and then write my address on the outside.


  3. I do like this color-scheme, but it's hard to read with the black print on dark color. Maybe WHITE lettering?