Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hoover Dam

April has simply flown by! Several days went by slowly, but the month in general has passed a little too fast for me.
At the end of January my husband and I purchased a camping trailer/toy hauler. Upon completion of this, we made a goal to use it at least once a month from now on. We have done just that. We went to Sand Hollow Reservoir in February and March. In April, my sister and her family invited us to tag along on a camping trip to Lake Mead. We went and had a blast.
On the way, we passed over Hoover Dam. It was amazing! I have never seen that much concrete in one location. I thought the water level looked really low. Hopefully Lake Mead will be receiving a huge spring run-off this year (or something to that affect).
After September 11, 2001, they (The U. S. Department of the Interior, maybe), started a project to build a highway/freeway above Hoover Dam to eliminate unnecessary traffic. Looks like they are getting close to completion. I thought that bridge was amazing. I took several pictures, but I think this one is my favorite.
The drive was about three hours, so it was a little long for my munchkins, but they had a blast at Lake Mead. We went on a little hike, took pictures of flowers, and played in the water. As well as had a campfire and roasted hot dogs (one of my boys favorite things to do/eat).
Brycen and Grace on our hike--I think they had fun, but we didn't hike for very long. I guess it was a long time for little legs and short attention spans.
These flowers grew wild all over the place at our camp site. Aren't they gorgeous! I fell in love with our campsite the second we turned off the main road and started heading toward it, because these happy yellow flowers were everywhere!


  1. Lucky Colby makes that drive every week. He also loves to waste 20 mins or so at the hotel near the dam called the Hacienda. They show an old documentary about the building of the dam. Its really amazing. He wants to buy the movie and watch it every day.

    That bridge is incredible. I've taken pics of it a couple of times, but never out of the car, so they aren't awesome and a camera can't do that enormous canyon justice.

  2. Darn. I always hear about the great, fun family outings AFTER the fact. DARN. Darn. DARN-IT-ALL!

    I am glad you had fun, though.