Sunday, June 24, 2012

It has been a while

I am ashamed that I have not posted for more than six months. . .  Life has been keeping me busy! Here is a quick overview of the last six months:

Toward the beginning of this year, we finished redoing our basement. Our boys had damaged the carpet badly enough that we could not repair it. We ripped all the carpet out of our basement--minus one bedroom-- and epoxy painted the cement. I am still loving it. It is an easier clean up than carpet was with little children. When our youngest child is about five. . . we will consider putting new carpet in. We also repainted all the walls and put in new floor boards. I like it :)

I started a new job at the local health and rehabilitation center in town. I am a part time Activities Person. I only work two days a week, and in August I will cut back to one day a week. For those of you who don't know, I was a full-time Activities Director at a Nursing Home before I had children. It is a blast! I love working with elderly people, but right now my priority is my children.

Brycen successfully finished kindergarten and will be a first-grader in the fall. He is currently taking swimming lessons, and LOVES showing me how he can hold his breath under water now.

We tiled our basement bathroom floor. It turned out nice. :)

Our most recent adventure has just started. We purchased a small parcel of land south of the town we live in. Now we tell our kids that grandpa has a big farm, and we have a little farm. We have owned it for a week and our adventure has already begun. I'll have to post more on that later.

I am twenty-nine today. I am not sure if I am going to age gracefully. . . I definitely feel older today. One more year and I will be thirty! I did not want a cake this year because my body seems to not be tolerating sugar very well. My sweet mother-in-law made rice krispy treats for all the kids and gave me a large plate of veggies. :) At the end of the night I did make myself a dish of raw chocolate ice cream and ate it with a smile.  This is turning into a novel. I'll try and write more soon!

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  1. You are just too cute! I want to come see your basement. I think you are looking good and can be sure that it will last for years to come! I loved that you had a veggie celebration. Happy birthday!