Monday, December 20, 2010

Mostly Pinless and Oranges

This is what my hand looked like 8 weeks after my accident.
I got all the pins out of my finger tips at 10 1/2 weeks. This is what my hand looks like today:
It kind of looks like it did before my accident. I am amazed at what modern medicine can do! (I still have one pin in my thumb that I will get surgically removed in January). When Dr. Fryer removed the 6 pins from my fingers he did not numb anything. He used some surgical pliers (they looked similar to thick scissors) to clamp down on the pins. Then, he just twisted and pulled/yanked each pin out. It was quite painful.

It has been/is still a hard adjustment to get use to my new hand, but I am grateful for what I have left.
There are so many things I am having to re-learn. I have had a hard time peeling oranges since this happened. One if my main concerns with citrus fruit right now is getting juice in the sores on my finger tips. Today, I successfully peeled an orange without getting any juice on my finger tips.
Lemons and limes, here I come!

May you all enjoy lots of yummy oranges this Christmas season!


  1. Sara=Saint. God bless you for everything. I love you sister :)

  2. Congratulations! One orange, one day at a time.

  3. I love how the little things can make us happy - PS that orange thing, cannot be easy, I have a hard enough time opening them without squirting juice all over the place

  4. Sara,

    Oh wow, what an experience. Your hand is looking really good! I have been following your story and have been checkin in on you. Thanks for sharing :) I'm glad that you are finding those little successes! A girl needs to enjoy an orange now and then!
    A Friend,
    Nichelle Richins (Warrin's wife)

  5. Love that last picture!

    I think it's all so amazing and you're such a toughie about how you've handled it.

    I bet peeling oranges is your best practice for getting that hand back in shape, right?