Friday, August 13, 2010

Bell Pepper Recipes?!

Does any one have a fabulous bell pepper recipe?

I love to make kabobs and fajitas. I have made an occasional stuffed bell pepper. In the pepper department I mostly have green bell peppers, but I also have some banana peppers, tomatoes, fresh rosemary, basil, parsley, and oregano. If anyone has an amazing recipe involving bell peppers PLEASE SHARE!

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and shares information. :)


  1. I really like bell peppers in quesadillas.

    I prefer them roasted first, to remove the skin & seeds, and to add flavor. And then slice and layer them in with cheese and a little onion between flour tortillas, grilled a little on each side to brown the tortillas, and served with pico de gallo.

    I also like them in a Jewish eggplant salad that I forget the name of. You puncture two eggplants, bake until they are done. (They inflate and then deflate.) Then cool & cube the eggplant, cube some fresh tomatos, a large red onion, and a couple of big bell peppers. Add it all to a bowl and pour the dressing over: 1 part balsamic vinegar to 2 parts olive oil. Serve with a little garlic bread (with parmesan cheese on it, if you're lucky!)

    I would roast any extra bell peppers (you know how to do that, right? If not, email me, but I think you do) that you have, then remove the skins and seeds and put them in sandwich-sized ziploc bags, laid flat in your freezer and freeze 'em hard for use in soups and pizza in the winter.

    That would be what I would do with them. :) Have fun, Sara!

  2. If you still want bell pepper recipes then let me know. I can dig up my stuffed bell pepper recipe. Jase and I made them not long ago and he loved them!

  3. Pickle them! Use the same recope for dill pickles, but add some hot peppers for flavor. They are delightful and a fun snack / garnish for months.