Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photographer, Sister, Friend

I have a sister who loves to take pictures and I am so grateful for her! There have been times when my boys are being so cute and I seldom have my camera with me at the time. . . but my sister has hers (thankfully)!
A couple years ago I decided that Heavenly Father sends us BEAUTIFUL children so they live to become adults. When I walk into a room with crackers and bread broken and smashed into the ground, and there is a freshly dumped pile of trail mix under the kitchen table with two little boys secretly consuming it. . . I start to feel frustrated. I only left the room for five minutes. How could this happen so fast?!? Then I see the look on my little boys face and my frustration melts away. I am thankful I am related to someone who can capture these angelic little faces while my boys are young. I hope I keep these picture close by when they are teenagers.
They LOVE playing on the gate whenever we go to work at the community garden.


  1. Your boys are really cute. Your a good mom that works really hard. Your a good example to me. Thank You.

  2. Hmmm, I think they are getting cuter by the week.

    Better keep posting those pictures of them!

  3. Thanks for giving them those bright blue eyes that are so fun to get. I guess their adorable smiles help a little, too. Love ya!